February 17 2012 Friday at 09:41 AM



Toi, showed to a packed house, with many adoring fans clamoring to get inside and patiently awaiting outside, as soon as the lights went off you knew the show was packed with love. The show started off with Adele’s soulful voice filling the room with her heart wrenching love stories, a down tempo beat that set the stage for Toi’s strong winter whites. Fox collars ruled the runway as well as white wool suiting for both men and women. Several of his pieces has French lace overlaid on wool suiting and cashmere wool blend dresses.

Zang Toi brought his looks from early morning business meetings to eveningwear, showing strong variations in his offerings this season. Double lapels appeared on several of Toi’s suiting pieces, a wonderful sharp touch to professional wear.

The velvet zebra mini coat was the pivotal look that transitioned into Zang Toi Evening-wear. He finished the show with a couple brilliant brush strokes silk satin gowns with intricate black crystal shoulder and back adornment.

Zang made an appearance at the finale of the show were his models showered him with kisses and a standing ovation from the audience.