February 17 2012 Friday at 09:54 AM

The Wall Street Journal - Real Housewives Ramona Singer and Alex McCord


It’s no secret Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of New York” are paid to act and react to their lives in the city. Two of them, Ramona Singer and Alex McCord, attended the Zang Toi fashion show Monday and Speakeasy found ourselves serendipitously seated directly across the catwalk. While there are admittedly several ways to watch a fashion show, (with sunglasses on, through a mobile device or a camera lens) we watched it through the actions and reactions of the women.

An edited account:

The lights went down and the first look, the ivory fox mini coat lined with french lace and the re-embroidered french lace mini dress caused both women to gasp but Ramona called dibs. Each woman, mobile in hand, eyed the subsequent looks from head to toe but it wasn’t until look 16 that the women really perked up. A man in a cashmere peak lapel suit with ivory top stitching strutted down the runway. “He’s mine,” Ramona said to Alex, who shrugged.

Alex was distracted though, as the next look, a black cashmere trouser suit had her snapping photos furiously with her phone. Perhaps we’ll see that in an upcoming “Housewives” season, seeing as Alex looked as if she was going to tackle the model to have the suit at that moment.

And then came the party dresses.

The first, a ruby silk organza princess ballgown, had both the woman nearly fighting over it. For the Oscars perhaps, or sooner, for another fashion show after party or red carpet? Either way, we’re pretty sure Alex claimed it.

That’s alright though, Ramona found solace in the black silk velvet starlet gown — a dress that’s very much her style. But before the women could catch their breath, out popped the sole male model again, this time wearing a brush stroked red and purple smoking robe that Alex wants for Simon. This caused both the women to erupt in laughter.

And then the grand finale, a silk organza ball down with attached beaded black mini skirt, a hugely rounded dress except for the back, which had a very mini, very exposed skirt that fell just below the model’s bottom. To which the women both eyed then passed on. “Not for me,” they said in unison, though not to each other.

Up came the lights, and a standing ovation from the women, which prompted the rest of the audience to react, and quickly follow suit.