March 04 2013 Monday at 04:13 PM




Season after season, the KENTON team anticipates an unparalleled, grandiose runway show from our dear friend and ultra-talented designer, Zang Toi. Drawing inspiration from Russia and its refined sense of fashion, a dark array of color shades were used for the new fall collection, from dark tans and tweed grays to rich purples and deep blacks. Oozing both luxurious conservatism and subtle femininity, each piece from the fall collection unquestionably proved to be designed with such intricate detailing that included gold accents as well as fur trims on casual ready-to-wear in addition to his extravagant formal evening wear. The models, in coordination with the understated runway music, radiated a majestic aura towards the entire audience of praising spectators.

You can always count on Mister Toi to showcase every collection with the utmost perfection, precision and humbleness. It was truly a magnificent way to end New York Fashion Week as one of the last shows to be hosted at Lincoln Center. Leaving all bias aside, we are so proud of you and your latest creations. Stay regal and timeless!